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VR Builders and Developers brings you the touch of excellence from experienced builders whose business ethics are structured around customer’s needs. Every requirement of residents at these luxury apartments has been catered to, be it a central location, Superior infrastructure, quality amenities, or features conforming to classy lifestyles. VR Builders and Developers is a premier construction company in Bengaluru, It has a singular vision of transforming the urban setting into next-generation landscapes based on a solid foundation of innovation. Quality, Eco-friendliness, and value for money, today VR Builders and Developers are known to be the symbols of quality construction, craftsmanship, clear titles and value for money, Professional project management services, and adherence to strict time schedules bringing out the best in every project. It has over a decade of experience in property development with 5 residential projects development so far many more are coming up in the mere future. Delivering a pre-eminent lifestyle in the lap of comfort is VR Builders and Developer’s top priority. A passion for excellence, innovation, futuristic designs, motivated personnel, and strategic locations, in a nutshell, defines VR Builders and Developers.


Project planning is the process of establishing the scope, defining the objectives and steps to obtain them.


Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design. We shape our buildings.


We planning, design, and construction project, from beginning to its end. To control the project’s time, cost, and quality.


We understand that good customer service is imperative even for the construction industry.

A home that gives less space to stress and more room for life



The mission of VR Builders and Developers is to provide an outstanding level of service and expertise in the real estate market that is innovative and ambitious. Our Company is dedicated to the highest standards, systems, and performance necessary to fulfill all of your real estate dreams.


To deliver high-value and good quality construction coupled with on-time delivery schedules. Qualified professional and self-directed teams work relentlessly towards elevating customer satisfaction levels.

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